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© Media Design (Ben Fleming)Welcome to UK TV Channels. On this website you will find detailed listings of all the television channels that are viewable within the United Kingdom, along with details and information about which platforms you can recieve them on. UK TV Channels also includes a few helpful hints and tips for things like adding new channels to your Freesat box or how to setup a PIN number on your Sky box. Below you will find the latest television channel related news and updates, so you can keep upto date with what channels are being removed, added, changed or even being added in HD.

If any of the information you find on UK TV Channels is incorrect, then please contact us and we will gratefully amend the error.

Welcome to UK TV Channels

18th February 2012 04:08am

Hello and welcome to UK TV Channels!

UK TV Channels was launched 11th February 2012, however it didn't look any good - nor was it easy to follow, so in the space of a few hours I have decided to tidy it up and make it more stylish and easy to get around.

This section will be for any news to do with TV channels - ones being broadcast or if they're being renamed, rebranded or going out of action, along with the different platforms that you can recieve them on.

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List of UK TV Channels

List of UK TV Channels

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